R-601 Classic Radio

SORRY — SOLD OUT –   Inspired by the classic radios of the 1940’s, 50’s and early 60’s, like Grundig, Telefunken and Nordmende, the Tesslor 601 is unlike any mass produced AM/FM receiver you’ll find. From its hand finished case and back-lit precision tuning dial to its “magic eye,” the R601 is a hand-crafted receiver that combines the best of modern electronics with tube amplification to produce an unequaled sound. The R601 is a remarkable radio in several ways.  Its the only vintage-inspired radio made today that duplicates the quality, materials and elegant design found in vintage hi-fi gear.  But underneath the vintage exterior lies a highly sensitive and selective modern microprocessor-based receiver along with tube amplification and tuned speakers to produce that incredibly ‘warm’ tube sound for which vintage gear is famous. Using a radio like the R601 is an experience in itself.  The ‘on/off /volume’ switch has that distinct audible ‘click’ you’d hear when turning on a vintage radio.  Once on, the back lit tuning dial light glows nicely as the tubes quickly warm to operating temperature.  Within about 5 to 8 seconds, the radio is alive with sound and the green ‘magic eye’ tube glows to visually guide you to tuning your favorite stations.   Tube Radio Face This is no ordinary radio.  But in thinking about how people use products today the makers of the R601 added a few things not found on most vintage gear.  In the Aux mode (with wired cables attached to the output connectors), the R601 will amplify and play an audio source like an MP3 player.  In the Aux mode (without attached cables), the Bluetooth function is enabled.  To pair the Tesslor with your nearby Bluetooth device, simply search for and pair with Tesslor radio.  (Adjust your device output volume as needed as well as the Tesslor volume control to adjust audio level – see the Bluetooth instructions manual for more details). The rear panel has an RCA type input jack for mono audio input as well as a 3.5mm headphone output jack and a 3.5mm jack for recording.  Switches on the rear panel allow you to select either the internal AM and FM antennas or external AM and FM antennas you connect using rear-mounted plugs. But ultimately, the R601 is judged not just on how it looks but on how it sounds.  We think it sounds fantastic. Here’s what a few fans of the R601 have said about it:

…An inspired design… A nicely balanced yet substantial addition to your home or office….this radio commands your attention and sounds fantastic There’s no better sounding AM/FM table radio around that looks this good.  Period. It’s incredible how many visitors to our home comment on the radio.  They can’t believe it’s brand new.  Nobody makes products this nice anymore…

Finally — a few words about the finish of the R601.  We describe it as “black color” but it’s a little nuanced. The finish is dark toned, near black but in under daylight you’ll notice it’s more of a blackish-brown with a reddish undertone.  It’s similar to the deep lacquered finish you’d find on a classic radio. We think the cabinet makers turned out a nice looking product. We add this explanation as a few of our customers have pointed out its much nicer than they expected. We hope you enjoy learning about our products and decide to select one of our exceptional radios.  Learn more about the R601 Specifications here or read about the Tesslor story of how these products were created.  We’re passionate about building quality products you’d be proud to own and use everyday.

UPDATE:   Sorry – sold out (as of 12/6/15).  We’re taking reservations on a waiting list – please email us if interested.

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