R-601 Specifications

R-601 AM/FM Radio Features and Technical Specifications:


Four Vacuum Tube design for high fidelity audio
Magic Eye tuning aide
FM / AM band operation
Warm & rich sound effect
Audio input from external sources (PC, CD, MP3 players).  Mono input only.
Magnetically shielded drivers. Case design virtually eliminates monitor and TV screen
Audio out and headset jacks
Selectable internal or external antennas for both AM and FM reception
Hand-finished all MDF wood enclosures
High quality smooth tuning main dial and backlit panel
Unique, uncommon, classic & elegant appearance
Matte paint finish reminiscent of 1950's classic designs


FM Band: 87.5 MHz-108 MHz
AM Band: 540 KHz-1700 Khz
S/N Ratio: FM >50dB, AM > 38dB
Receiver Sensitivity: FM < 5 uV; AM < 1.5 mv
Noise Sensitivity: FM < 16 dB (s/n=30 dB); AM < 64 dB (s/n=20 dB)
Distortion: FM < 0.5%, AM < 1%
Single Signal Selection: > 30 dB
Tube Amplifier : EL84 x 2 Push-Pull
Output Power: >7W
Frequency Response:30Hz-20KHz
Vacuum Tubes: Four (4) Total - Amplifier - EL84 x 2, Pre Amplifier - 6F2 x 1, 6E2 x 1 (Magic Eye)
Speaker Unit: 5.25
Rated Power: >10W
Speaker Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency Response:  80 Hz-15 KHz
Input Ports: FM Antenna In (UHF), AM Antenna In (RCA), & Aux In (RCA, Mono)
Bluetooth:  Bluetooth 4.0, Class 2 transceiver
Output Ports: Earphone Out (3.5mm), Audio Out (3.5mm)
Product Size: 30(L) x 18(W) x 20(H) cm
Voltage Specification:  110-120VAC (standard);  220-250VAC available (special order)

What’s In The Box:

R601 AM/FM Radio
Heavy duty grounded power cord
External FM dipole antenna
External AM loop antenna
Owner's manual
Bluetooth operations manual


R601 Owner’s Manual download is available at this link:   R601 Manual

Bluetooth Manual download is available at this link:  Bluetooth Manual

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