Welcome to Tesslor-USA, the US distributor for Tesslor classic tube radio products.  We’re sorry to share that we’re currently OUT OF STOCK of all models.  We hope to have more inventory in 2017.

Tesslor Radios are different than other consumer electronics you’ve owned.  Far from the mass produced, stamped-out plastic gadgets you’ve used and replaced, the people who make Tesslor radios created these products to last a lifetime.

Inspired by the classic brands of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, like Grundig, Lowe, Nordmende and Telefunken, Tesslor radios are designed in the same vintage style.  But behind the great vintage looks, Tesslor combines the best of modern circuit design with hi-fi tube amplification.  The result is a highly sensitive and selective radio receiver that produces the ‘warm’ sound for which tubes are so famous.

And unlike mass production, Tesslor radios are produced by hand, in small batches, using specifically designed parts like the knobs, dials and interior parts.  Even the cabinets, made from MDF, are hand crafted and cured in a multi-step process that takes 60 days to complete.  While this isn’t a formula that produces the cheapest products in the shortest time, we think the extra effort is worth it.

New for November, 2015:  We’ve updated to Bluetooth(r) 4.0 streaming capability to all our radios.  Now it’s easier than ever to enjoy using your Tesslor radio with music or audio streams from your iPad, Tablet, Phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.  See the Product Pages for more information.

You may think of a Tesslor radio as a vintage radio.  But we like to think it’s a modern radio with a vintage soul.

Please take a few minutes to look around our site and discover more about our products and our story. When you’re ready to own one of these classic sets, please visit the Buy Now link.

Classic tube radios

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